What to do when you’re stuck in a cooking rut

What to do when you're stuck in a cooking rut

Recently it hit me – the past 3 to 6 months I’ve been cooking the same 6 or so dishes on HIGH rotation – I’ve found myself stuck in a cooking rut! No complaints have been lodged and the meals have been enjoyable, there just has been a distinct lack of new Yummy Inspirations being […]

3 Ingredient Nut Butter Cookies

3 Ingredient Nut Butter Cookies

These 3 Ingredient Nut Butter Cookies came about by a greedy need to indulge in homemade cookies, opening the pantry, seeing a jar of Nut Butter and thinkingĀ  – I wonder what Nut Butter Cookies would taste like?! A quick Google search for recipe inspiration found 3 ingredient peanut butter cookie recipes (here’s one!) which […]

Overnight Oats With Strawberries And Chia Seeds

Overnight Oats with Strawberries and Chia Seeds

Recently I began experimenting with Overnight Oats and I have to tell you that my breakfasts have been transformed! This was my first taste of Overnight Oats With Strawberries And Chia Seeds. I’ve read about and oggled over Overnight Oats for ages and I don’t quite know WHY it took me SO long to actually […]

Sauteed Asparagus With Feta

Sauteed Asparagus With Feta

Sauteed Asparagus With Feta On returning from London the other week, I was thrilled to discover that Spring Vegetables have started appearing at my local farmers market. There’s just something magical about enjoying the first of the Spring vegetable bounty including the garlic, leeks and asparagus you can see here. Each spring I set about […]

Unforgettable London Food Experiences


Amongst the 2300+ (!) photos from my recent family trip to London, there’s an enormous amount of photos of the Unforgettable London Food Experiences I’m still dreaming about… Nordic Bakery I discovered this gem while searching Instagram for London Food inspiration. The Cinnamon Scrolls looked divine, I just knew I had to find my way […]

Plane Snacks Packed – See You In 4 Weeks!


In a few short days we will be making the long journey from our home in Melbourne, Australia to London, England. I’m (mostly) packed and (hope) I’m adequately prepared for whatever our adventure throws at us. In this, my last post before we leave, I’ll share details of the plane snacks I’ve packed. In the […]

Lunch Box Essentials

Lunch Box Essentials

The lead up to a new school year is the perfect time for a refresh and reminder about Lunch Box Essentials. So, this post is dedicated to my Northern Hemisphere readers who are about to do just that. Lunch Bags & Boxes They come in all shapes and sizes and you will have your favorite. […]

Shakshouka Recipe With Tomatoes, Peppers and Feta

Shakshouka Recipe

This Shakshouka Recipe (or Shakshuka) With Tomatoes, Peppers and Feta takes me back to when I first met my Husband – almost 10 years ago. We were living in London and regularly enjoyed Sunday Breakfast at a local Israeli Restaurant that made an AMAZING Shakshouka. In the lead up to our London trip in a […]

Reflecting On Our First 6 Months Of Homeschooling

First 6 Months Of Homeschooling

This week we begin the 2nd half of our first year of homeschooling so I thought it would be a great time to share a post reflecting on our first 6 months of homeschooling. (You can read about our routine here.) I know it sounds cliche but I seriously cannot believe that half the year […]

Purple Sauerkraut Fermentation

Purple Sauerkraut Fermentation

While we were on The GAPS Diet I got into a regular Sauerkraut making habit for the probiotic and gut healing properties. The Saurkraut making came to an abrupt halt when we transitioned off the dietĀ a while back. On the request of my Sauerkraut loving Husband, I got back into kraut making mode with this […]