12 Time Saving Kitchen Tips

We all lead such busy lives, that anything which helps save time is incredibly valuable in the long run.

Here are 12 Time Saving Kitchen Tips which will help speed up your time spent in the kitchen:

1. Pre-chop vegetables and then store in your fridge or freezer, depending on when you’ll be using them. When we were preparing for The GAPS Diet last year, I peeled, chopped and froze a number of pumpkins while they were still in season.

2. Pre-chop fruit for lunch boxes and store ready for snacks through the week and lunch box packing.

3. Make enough food at one meal to last for 2 meals – leftover meals are a wonderful way to save on prep and cooking time.

4. Keep your pantry stocked with ingredients for speedy meals such as tuna and pasta for those meals when cooking from scratch just isn’t an option.

5. Instead of using slower cooking rice, use speedy risoni for an alternate risotto-type dish.

6. Leave carrots and potatoes unpeeled for dishes that you can get away with not peeling them. This saves peeling time and adds nourishing fiber to the meal.

7. When preparing meals like burgers, shape them the night before or morning for dinner, so they’re all ready to go and it’s simply a matter of cooking them at mealtime.

8. Make frozen vegetables your friend – my kids often enjoy a healthy portion of frozen organic vegetables for their dinner. When cooked in bone broth the peas become infused with additional nutrients.

9. Preparing a number of meals at one time and then having them ready and waiting in the freezer is an incredible time saver.

10. Clean as you go – have soapy water in the sink and clean dishes/utensils as you use them so it’s not a huge clean up job at the end. Also clean work surfaces as you go.

11. Kitchen Scissors – are handy for speedily chopping herbs, spring onions and I even use mine to quickly chop chicken breasts and thighs for casseroles.(where to find kitchen scissors)

12. Keep as organized as possible, whether menu planning or making a weekly schedule – having a plan on how you’ll be allocating your weekly cooking time will prevent you from going around in circles in your kitchen!

Those are just a few of my most useful time saving kitchen tips. Do you have any to add? Please share your tips in the comments.

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  1. Found you on Allergy-Free Wednesdays; I love your tips, and thanks for your reminder to plan meals in advance! I’ve been slacking on that, which means spending money on less-than-healthy meals out when I could be saving and eating right.

  2. Great tips!!!

  3. Great tips! Cleaning up as I go is one of my top tips. That way if I need the sink, it’s available.

    Thanks for sharing your tips at Fabulously Frugal Thursday!

  4. Agree with the clean as you go! The dishwasher is empty before I even begin, and it has made my life SO much easier!

  5. Great ideas… I definitely need to implement these more. I especially need to start filling the sink with water before I start to cook because my sink is always filled with dirty dishes. Someday I’ll learn!! I also like the idea of cooking veggies in bone broth. In addition to adding nutrients, I’m sure it adds a lot of taste!

  6. I think you’ve convinced me to get a pair of kitchen scissors. Prechopping is probably the thing I do most. I even pre-chop and freeze onions.

  7. I like to cook a couple of dishes to freeze on Thursday. That way I have food for the weekend done and get to spend more time with my family and not in the kitchen all weekend cooking.


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